Our Faculty & Staff

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  • Senior K
  • Grades 1 - 2
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  • Grades 5 - 8
  • French & Music

Julie McPherson

Julie McPherson has been an active member of the St. Timothy's community since 2008. She has served on the Board of Directors (2012-2013) and the Parent Committee (2008-2012). She holds a BScN from the University of Ottawa. Her professional life has included work in public health, teaching prenatal classes to young, single parents and working at Ottawa Pregnancy Distress Centre (now FirstPlace Options). She recently completed the Logos Summer Teacher Training, Administrative Track (2014), at Logos School in Idaho, a pioneer school in the new wave of classical, Christian schools in North America. She and her husband have four children, all whom attend, or have attended St. Timothy's. Julie and her family attend the Metropolitan Bible Church.

Julie is passionate about the unique education that is being offered at St. Timothy's, as well as its dynamic and caring community. She is a strong communicator and highly organized and looks forward to using her gifts to further the growth of the school. She is enjoying working with students, staff, parents and board members as she seeks to keep the school running smoothly from day to day and helps steer hearts and minds towards Jesus Christ.

Alison Nanda

Alison was born in England and grew up in a Christian household with a clergyman father. She has a B.Ed. from the University of Ottawa and a B.A. (History/English Literature) from the University of Western Ontario. She has taught in an International school in Panama and for several years in Vancouver in inner-city as well as suburban schools. She has also spent time working with special needs children in a local nursery school.

Alison and her husband Kris and their two children attend St. Peter and St. Paul Anglican Church. She is excited to be teaching in a school where she can actually teach about the Christian faith!

Grades 1-2 Instructors

Emily Martin is the primary teacher for the grades 1-2 class. Christine Edmonds teaches an in-depth writing class to the grade 2 students three times per week.

Emily Martin

Emily comes to St. Timothys with a wealth of experience in teaching to various age groups. She received an M.A. in English from the University of Ottawa in 2004. Since then she has taught writing at the University of Ottawa; has led book discussion groups and intensive reading courses with homeschooling students; and has been teaching the Literature in Western Culture course at Augustine College for five years.

Emily is thoroughly enjoying working with the grade one and two students at St. Timothy's. She is passionate about introducing great works of children's literature to young minds, as well as encouraging her students as they learn to enjoy reading across their different subjects.


Christine Edmonds

Christine has a B.Sc. (Occupational Therapy) from Queen's University, specializing in pediatric rehabilitation. She comes to St. Timothy's with a wealth of practical experience in classical education. She was introduced to a classical education model years ago when researching education practices to homeschool her own children and has continued to research classical booklists and review classical curricula. Her two younger children are graduates of St. Timothy's and she spent five years as a part-time teacher in the SK and grades 1-2 classes.

Christine has a deep regard for nature, botany in particular, and a desire to cultivate a sense of wonder in children and to develop their observation skills. She believes in the importance of exposing young children to good literature and beautiful language and is passionate about teaching excellent writing skills.

Rachel Bloomquist

Rachel Bloomquist comes to St. Timothy's with a range of spiritual, educational, professional, and personal qualities that have prepared her for this worthy venture.

Rachel was born in India to missionary parents who were wonderful models of Christian discipleship and love. Her education, while focused on the history of ideas and literature that have shaped Western civilization, also developed in her a love of science, languages, art, and music.

After completing her BA, Rachel lived and worked in Spain for five years with her husband, Greg. (Two of their four children were born in Spain.) Upon their return to Canada, Greg was appointed a professor of Theology at Saint Paul University (Ottawa) and the Scholar-in-residence at Saint Mark the Evangelist (Anglican) Church (Ottawa) while Rachel worked as an assistant in a Christian Montessori school for six years. Following that, she worked as an occasional teacher in the Ottawa District and Ottawa Catholic School Boards. She has also completed teacher training in Christian Classical methods at Logos Academy (Idaho).

Rachel's life of faith in Christ has been enriched by seeing God's Spirit at work in and through Christians of many denominations, languages, and cultures. She seeks to impart a joyful and sure faith in Jesus Christ to the children in her classroom and to encourage them to see God the Father's handiwork in this creation and in the unfolding of history.

Dr. Michael Klaassen

Michael Klaassen brings tremendous learning and experience to St Timothy's as a classics scholar and teacher. He taught Latin and classics to all grades, with a focus on grades seven and eight, at the Episcopal Academy in Pennsylvania from 1995-2005, where he served as Chair of Department of Classical Languages from 2000-2005 and was a curriculum advisor to many different grades. Fluent in Latin and Greek, he co-authored Episcopal's "New Steps in Latin" series of textbooks. In his academic career, he has worked on topics as diverse as editing the speeches of the pioneering Canadian neurologist William Osler, comparing Greek and Japanese art and researching the roots of words for a medical encyclopedia. He has presented numerous papers to the Classical Association of Canada meetings.

Originally from Waterloo, Michael has Master's degrees from the University of Toronto and the University of Pennsylvania, where he has also recently (Spring 2010) completed a PhD in Classics. Michael and his family moved back to Canada in 2006 after spending one year in Rome. He was raised in the Kitchener-Waterloo House church community, and currently attends the Village International Mennonite Church in Vanier.

Dr. Klaassen is assisted in his wide range of teaching responsibilities by paid
and volunteer staff with expertise in various subject areas.

Alan Gilman – Bible

Mr. Gilman believes that the Bible is God's epic story—his holy, inspired and authoritative revelation of his plan to rescue a broken world. He delights in showing how God's plan of salvation begins with Abraham and his descendants, is fulfilled in the Messiah Jesus, and is expressed through Jesus' followers today. The only way to fully experience God's blessings is to understand the essential Jewishness of the Gospel. He is very happy to be teaching bible to the grades 5-8 students at St. Timothy's.

Mr. Gilman has been married for over 35 years and he and his wife Robin have 10 children. Mr. Gilman has been active in Bible teaching, devotional writing and worship leading. They attend Calvary Fellowship Ottawa.

For more information on Mr. Gilman's work, see alangilman.ca.

Mary Gauvreau – Math

As well as teaching French for grades 1 through 8, Mary also teaches grade 5-8 Math (See French & Music for bio).

Mary Gauvreau – French Instructor

Mary was raised by anglophone parents in the days before French immersion. Her mother thought that learning a second language at a young age would be an excellent opportunity for her children, and so enrolled them at the local French Separate school, starting in kindergarten. Mary continued to be educated in French through high school. This experience opened doors to a world of culture, travel, friendship and employment through university and beyond. Mary is excited to share her passion for learning and her love for the French language with the students of St. Timothy's.

Mary has a B.Sc. (Geological Engineering) from Queen's University, and held positions with both the provincial and federal government before taking time off from paid employment to homeschool her two daughters, now both teenagers. Homeschooling provided Mary with a valuable opportunity to search out interesting and exciting learning opportunities, and made for an enriching time of teaching, guidance and discovery. She and her family attend St. George's Catholic Church.

Maestro Uwe Lieflander – Choral Music Instructor

Mr. Lieflander's passion for sacred music began early in his life in historic Regensburg, Germany with 16 years of piano and 14 years of organ lessons.

He pursued intensive studies at the Regensburg Akademie für Kirchenmusik (Academy for Church Music), where studies of organ music, singing, Gregorian chant, composition, and choral conducting were rounded out by a deep liturgical education program.

After moving to Canada in 1984, he studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto where, under the guidance and mentorship of John Barnum, he furthered his education in the 'science' of composition and of conducting.

Several years ago Mr. Lieflander took on the responsibility of being the Director of the Sacred Music Society which trains groups of children, youth and adults in traditional sacred music, including that of Beethoven, Bach, Handel, Mozart, and others.

St. Timothy's is delighted to have a choral teacher so gifted and excited to share his love of sacred music with the students.